In 1925, Joseph C. Sibley released a book entitled, “Views of River Ridge Farm, Franklin, PA”. It was published as a “gift” to his friends. According to the March 2002 issue of the PHLF News magazine, No. 162, the book was edited by Margaret Anne Mong, originally published in 1925, then reprinted in 1999. In front of the book is inscribed the following words by Sibley himself,

This book is published as affording my friends the opportunity of seeing photographs of our activities on River Ridge Farm. Some of the work has been discontinued, but it is fair resume of the various activities going on at our farm. — Joseph C. Sibley, Proprietor.

This book is out of print. There were no copyrights in the book and as best I can tell, it is in the public domain. As a result, each page of the book has been reproduced here.

Click the first image, below, to see the Views of River Ridge Farm, Franklin, PA by Joseph C. Sibley.

The first image of the book.