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The following images are a study of the mansion’s fine stonework.

In this image note the stonework along the corners of the building. The stones are rectangular to form square corners. Then notice the stones toward the center of the building’s wall, the stones almost appear to be placed at random.

A close-up showing some of the fine stone work accomplished by the European stonemasons that migrated to America in the early 1920’s.

Some more stone work around the kitchen area of the River Ridge Mansion.

A view of some of the stone work on the left wing of the mansion.

The library and sunroom are on the ground floor and the Sibley bedroom suite is on the top floor. Note the two story sunroom addition added to the left end of the wing between 1914 and 1915. Notice the difference in the color of the stone and how the stone is set between the main building and the new addition.

A close-up view of the stonework on the front wall.