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The right side of the mansion showing the two adjoining wings.

The right wing enclosed the kitchen area downstairs and the Servant’s living quarters upstairs. The left wing included the Dining Room downstairs and upstairs from right to left, a Bed Room, Sitting Room and Solarium. The South Tower can also be seen peaking up where the two wings join.

Image provided by the James Earnest Mitchell family.

The right side of the mansion showing the two adjoining wings taken about 1915. Note the beautiful awnings found on the left wing and center tower used by the family, but missing on the right wing used by the staff. Also missing from the image is the garden eventually built outside the breakfast room and the center tower.

This is the South Tower on the right side of the mansion.

The Breakfast Room is on the lower level, Bed Rooms are found on the second and third levels with an Observation Lounge (Tower) on the fourth level. A sunken garden graced the space in front of the Breakfast Room. In front of the sunken garden is the location where Joe Sibley and his second wife Ida often ate their breakfast. This is also the location where Joe Sibley died in a chaise lounge. His wife found him “asleep” there at 9:10 AM on May 19, 1926.

Decorative iron work covers the mansion.

It was made in the estate Black Smith’s shop.

The Rear Entrance to the mansion.

This entrance led the visitors into the Stair Hall.