The Franklin Gate House – 9 on the plot map

Note: All of the images below were taken during the first half of 2013.

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The combination Living Room/Dining Room as seen from the Main Entrance./ M. Moore

The combination Living Room/Dining Room with the Kitchen seen to the left as seen from the back, right corner of the Dining area./ M. Moore

Kitchen window over the sink. Neither the tile nor the window are original, only the design of the area./ W. Passauer
One of the windows in the Living Room/Dining Room area.

The walls are 21″ deep from the outside edge to the beginning of the plaster on the inside of the house. The plaster on the walls has been shown to be 1-1/2″ thick. While the original windows were replaced in 1980, they are all of the same style as the originals.

An image of the Kitchen door to the left of the sink area. This door once provided access to the Cold Cellar seen through the lower window of the door. During the original restoration of the Gate House, steam heat was installed. One of the steam radiators may be seen blocking the doorway./ W. Passauer
This stairway to the second floor is located just inside the main entrance door. A small portion of the stair railing has been temporarily removed while moving in. The Living Room is to the left and a short hallway to the Kitchen is to the right./ W. Passauer
The stairway leading to the second flood as seen from the top of the stairs./ W. Passauer
The original Stairway baluster located at the top of the stairway./ W. Passauer

The hallways at the top of the stairs looking toward the front of the house. The hallway to the Master Bedroom is to the left; a brick load bearing wall is near the center right of the image, the Bathroom and a Closet are to the immediate right, and a hallway to the Second Bedroom is also to the right. Note that the original home had three bedrooms and no apparent bathroom area. The Bathroom/Closet, as seen to your right in this image used to be the third bedroom. We believe it was converted from a Bedroom to the Bath/Closet area during the home’s first restoration./ W. Passauer

The Master Bedroom located at the front, right of the home as you face it./ M. Moore

One of the Master Bedroom Windows./ W. Passauer

The Second Bedroom located on the left side of the home./ M. Moore

The Attic. The attic has stairs leading up to it from the upstairs hallway. The entire Attic is painted white with good flooring. It is obvious that this area was used for significant storage as you can stand up in it and raise you hand up and still not touch the ceiling./ M. Moore