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The River Ridge Bell Tower

The whole instrument was installed in 1914 with bells made by Meneely/Troy of Troy New York and cost $12,500. There were 11 bells in the tower which were played every evening at sunset. The largest bell weighed 3,780 pounds and its pitch was D in the middle octave. The weight of all the bells totaled 12,500 pounds. The campanile is inscribed with the words, “Sing out to the peaceful valley a song of eventide, ring out to the fertile fields a song on moontide”. The campanile is an almost exact duplicate of the bell tower of the US Military Academy’s Cadet Chapel, West Point, NY. The bells were first played Memorial Day 1914, using a keyboard with Faith Kinney as the first official chimes player. In later years, Leora Sucher, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in Franklin, was among the players. The bells are now in the Eglise Notre Dame D’Anjou (Our Lady of Anjou Church), Montreal, Canada. Suzanne Grandelis Passauer and her mother Millie Grandelis saw the bells in 2000.

Eglise Notre Dame D’Anjou (Our Lady of Anjou Church)

The chimes were sold in 1967 to this church by the White Fathers. The 6 largest bells are hung as a swinging peal, the other 5 smaller bells hung as a chime.

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Location of River Ridge bells
Name: Eglise Notre Dame D’Anjou (Our Lady of Anjou Church)
Address: 8200 Place De L’Eglise
City: Anjou (part of Montreal)
State: Quebec
Postal Code: H1K 2B3
Phone: (514) 353-5560