The following are images taken in 2008 at the Sibley family plot in the Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, PA.

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The Sibley statue located at the head of the family plot.

Overall views of the Sibley family plot.
Congressman Joseph C. Sibley, son of Dr. Joseph C. and Elvira Sibley, and owner of the River Ridge estate. He was born in Friendship, Allegany County, New York on Feb. 18, 1850, and died at the River Ridge mansion of old age on May 19, 1926.
Metta E. Sibley, the first wife of Joseph C. Sibley, buried to the left him. She was born Nov. 28, 1853 in New York, and died Jul. 26, 1911 in Franklin, PA of pneumonia before River Ridge was built.
Ida Rew Sibley, the second wife of Joseph C. Sibley, buried to the right of him.

The family of Josephine Sibley Heathcote, the older daughter of Joseph and Metta Sibley.

Josephine Sibley Heathcote, born Jan. 16, 1873 in Friendship, New York and died Mar. 1951.
William E. Heathcote, husband of Josephine Sibley. Born May 1863 and died April 16, 1929.
Daughter Josephine Mercy. She married Broderick Haskell of Franklin, PA, but apparently had no children. She died 1982 in New York City, NY.
Son William.
Son Sibley.
Daughter Metta.

The family of Celia Mary Sibley, the younger daughter of Joseph and Metta Sibley.

Celia Mary Sibley, born in Franklin, PA on Sept. 19, 1874 and died on Dec. 19, 1944.
William Mc Calmont Wilson, husband of Celia Mary Sibley, born Nov. 15, 1870 in Berwyn, Chester Co, PA, and died Aug. 24, 1917.

Other tombstones in the Sibley family plot.

Joseph C. Sibley’s mother who remarried after her first husband, Dr. Joseph C. Sibley, died.
Elvira Babcock Sibley’s second husband.
Lucian George Sibley, brother of Dr. Joseph C. Sibley.
Joseph Sibley’s sister, wife of Joseph’s business partner, Major Charles Miller.
Joseph C. Sibley’s sister who died before her 17th birthday. See the next page for her tombstone mystery.
Daughter or granddaughter of Rev and Elvira Crane.