The following page contains images of items collected at River Ridge Farm.

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A 20 gauge White Powder Wonder shotgun once used at the River Ridge Farm by the farm manager John Hanna who then gave the gun to a young Albert Grandelis, the father of my wife, Suzanne Grandelis Passauer. As of 2011, the gun is in the possession of Suzanne./ W. Passauer

The gun was manufactured some time after 1913 by one of four companies for Sears Roebuck. / W. Passauer

The initials of John A. Hanna printed on the left side of the gun stock. / W. Passauer

From Randy Winters, 2010

I grew up on the hill, and lived in the [River Ridge Farm] Franklin Gate House in the 70’s. My parents actually rented the home from Price Real Estate. It was a wonderful place to grow up as a young boy, lots of woods. I found the [milk] bottle along with one more just like it by luck walking in the woods. I am almost 50 yrs, I often think of the wonderful woods and Blueberry Hill, The Point, Caves, Ponds, and is a magical place.

In His Service,
Randy A. Winters (3/6/2010)

A stone hitching post from the River Ridge Farm now on private property in Oil City.
/ W. Passauer

Stone planter from River Ridge Farm. Currently on private property in Oil City.
/ W. Passauer