The Transit Fine Arts Gallery has wonderful artwork on exhibit. In addition there are many history, fiction, recipe, poetry, and photography books available for sale. They also have many CD’s and tapes available. Most are from local artists, musicians and authors. If you are looking for specific books or recordings of the Oil City and Venango County area, please contact Marilyn at [email protected]. Detailed ordering information appears at the bottom of this page. I provide this information to support my home town and make no money from any of the sales.

This page identifies a recording and a few of the books about the Oil City, PA area that are available. Below are the covers of the selected items and a short description of each.

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Title, Author, Date Description Price
OCHS: A Century of Memories
a publication of the Oil City Derrick
Packed with lots of photos and personal memories of many former students & teachers.  Walk down Memory Lane — you might be in here yourself!  All photos are black & white. Hardcover, 128 pages $34.95
Oil Creek… the Beginning
by Neil McElwee
A History and Guide to the Early Oil Industry in Pennsylvania.  Contains a different historical examination of the first decades of the American Oil Industry and the OIL CREEK area. Photos and maps.  A story  of our area! Paperback, 134 pages $19.00
OIL CITY, The Town That Grew Up With Oil
by the Venango Museum
A booklet printed by the Venango Museum in 1989.  A good overview of the story of Oil City with black/white photos.  Easy reading.
Booklet, 13 pages
JOHN A. MATHER: Oildom’s Photographic Historian
by Ernest C. Miller & T.K. Stratton
[1972] (2000 reprint)
Reprinted in 2000 by Margo Mong from Ernest C. Miller & T.K. Stratton’s much earlier edition. The book is full of Mather’s original photos of  the area including Pithole, Titusville, Petroleum Centre, etc., even  photos of Mather’s Studio in 1869 & his Floating Darkroom. Booklet, 56 pages $10.00
by the Venango Museum
A collection of favorite recipes by members & friends of the Museum. 
Plastic comb binding, 107 pages
Cornplanter Was Here: The Story of a Seneca Chief’s Legacy to Oil City
by Denice Demmer Patterson
A booklet Published by the Oil City Arts Council.  Cover photo of the Cornplanter Statue in downtown Oil City. 
Booklet, 18 pages
The Wurlitzer Theater Organ at the Venango Museum
by the Venango Museum
This old organ, once housed at the Latonia Theater, is now at the Venango Museum where this music was recorded.  The music features Karl Cole, with old favorite songs such as “Hot Times in the Old Town Tonight,” “Just a Song at Twilight,” “Tell Me Why,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, and more.
Compact disc, 18 tracks
Destiny’s Gentleman
by Jack Mays
Read all about the man that built River Ridge Farm, Congressman Sibley.  The book also has a few pictures taken inside the mansion.
Paperback, 179 pages
Oil City’s Victorian Houses
by Neil McElwee
This book covers our city’s beautiful Victorian homes in all their beauty.
Booklet, 40 pages
The Oil City: A History
by Charles D Martens
This is a book about our city from it’s earliest roots.
Hardcover, 182 pages
Oil Oil Oil
by Carolee Michener
All about the Oil Industry in Oil City.
Paperback, 128 pages
by Joseph C. Sibley
[1925] (2006 reprint)
See pictures of River Ridge Farm in it’s day.
Booklet, 43 pages
by  T. M. Fowler & James B. Moyer
This book covers the Oil Industry in Oil City in the late 1800’s.
Hardcover, 56 pages

How to Purchase Books & Recordings of the Oil City Area

If you wish to purchase any of these items, please email Marilyn at [email protected] and she will get back in touch with the cost for shipping, etc.

When you email Marilyn, please include the following information with your request:

  1. The title of each book or recording desired.
  2. The quantity of each item requested .
  3. The desired shipping method: Book rate, first class, priority mail etc.
  4. Your return mailing address.

Marilyn will answer your email with the cost of your shipping and the total amount for your personal check. Your check should be made payable to “The Oil City Arts Council“.

Your check should be mailed to:

Marilyn Karns
315 Cowell Ave.
Oil City, PA 16301