River Ridge Out Buildings Pt. 4

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The following images were provided by Tom McLaughlin and the explainery text by Rich Tygert.


All of the photographs on this page were taken March 1976.

The following description of the above two buildings was provided by Rich Tygert, current director of the River Ridge Farm:  These are photos of two buildings on the River Ridge property.  Both buildings were close to each other up on top of the hill (see the right hand image below) in the area developed by the White Fathers of Africa.  The white chapel used to be the Bredinsburg Methodist Church which was originally located about 1/4 mile towards Franklin from the Osenider Rd entrance.  It was slated to be demolished back in the mid 70's.  Some of the locals preferring not to see it demolished donated it to Life Ministries.  My father, director at the time, agreed to move it on a trailer bed to its present location.  We use it as a chapel for retreat groups.  The photo shows it in an unrestored state.
As for the Arabic looking building (we always called it the keyhole building), that was a shrine that the White Fathers built.  They had a building close to it that they used for fundraising dinners etc., we have since converted it into a alternate retreat facility for smaller groups.  This shrine had candle stands and a offering implement made out of an old rear axle complete with the pumpkin.  Some trails leading out from this location had the seven stations of the cross in the woods behind the structure.  It was severely deteriorated and demolished about 8 years ago.  A picnic pavilion has been built on the same concrete slab for present use.


                       A White Father's shrine                                                  Looking from the shrine to the rear of the chapel.


The Little Church on the Hill

The following images were taken by William L. Passauer and are of the above church as of September 2010.






In this photo and the one below which were taken in March of 1976, please note that the lower field is still pretty much an open field.  This area has now been completely taken over by forest.