River Ridge Five Level Barn

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The River Ridge five level Barn from a distance.  Image from David Nepo.

The River Ridge five level Barn. It has entrances on three levels.  

This view shows all of the barn's five levels.


This view shows the barn's lowest and second level entrances.


This view shows the barn's second and third level entrances. 

The third level could be converted into a full-sized gymnasium, complete with a basketball floor and baskets. 

Originally there was an overhead skylight and electric lights installed.



The River Ridge Farm Barn lower level.  The original milking stalls were located on the first level of the barn.  The barn was designed with the cows on the first floor because dairy producing cows create a lot of body heat and their heat rose to heat the other floors.

According to Tracy Weldon, mushrooms use to be grown in this portion of the barn. Photo courtesy of Tracy Weldon.