River Ridge - A Quick History

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The following bullets provide a summary of the life of River Ridge Farm.

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This is the original floor plan of the mansion.

This the current floor plan of the mansion as it exists in 2008.  The White Fathers cut-up much of the 2nd floor level of the mansion to create additional bed rooms.



A Dream Unfulfilled


The following newspaper articles from the August 22, 1987 and Aug. 26, 1987 News-Herald explain the grand plans for an 18 hole golf course and winter sports complex that was to be built by the River Ridge Development Company.  What happened I do not know, but apparently the team ran out of money.  If anyone knows the details, please let me know and I will add the explanation to this page.


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A News-Herald editorial about the golf course printed on Aug. 26, 1987.




A letter to the editor from my wife's cousin concerning River Ridge.