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Here is a list of some additional great books that are available from the Transit Fine Arts Gallery.  For specific instructions on how to order any of these books, please go to the bottom of this page.


                                        OCHS A Century of Memories $20.00                                                    The Oil City $65.00

                                        This is a book about our school from it's                         This is a book about our city from it's earliest roots.

                        beginning to it's untimely end.  The book is full of pictures.



                                                                                        Oil City's Victorian Houses $10.00

This book covers our city's beautiful Victorian homes in all their beauty.



                            Destiny's Gentleman $20.00                                                                  Views of River Ridge Farm $12.00

        Read all about the man that built River Ridge Farm,                                        See pictures of River Ridge Farm in it's day.

            Congressman Sibley.  The book also has a few

                    pictures taken inside the mansion.



                                        Oil City PA 1896 $38.50                                                                                    Oil Oil Oil $19.75

            This book covers the Oil Industry in Oil City in the late 1800's.                                    All about the Oil Industry in Oil City


How to Purchase Books of the Oil City Area

If you wish to purchase any of these items, please email Marilyn at and she will get back in touch with you with the cost for shipping, etc. 

When you email Marilyn, please include the following information with your request:

1. The title of each book  desired.

2. The quantity of each item requested .

3. The desired shipping method: Book rate, first class, priority mail etc.

4. Your return mailing address.


Marilyn will answer your email with the cost of your shipping and the amount your personal check should be made out for.  Your check should be made payable to "The Oil City Arts Council".

Your check should be mailed to:

Marilyn Karns        

315 Cowell Ave.   

Oil City, PA 16301

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