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Browser Software


This website is constructed to display properly using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or better.  Some pages of the site may not display properly using any version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser software.  Other web browsers have not been tested.


Monitor Adjustment


The site is best viewed at a monitor resolution of 1024 X 768 DPI.

If Changes To Web Site Are Not Visible

If, after you are notified that the web site has been updated, you cannot see the published change(s), please observe the "Site last updated:" date found near the top of the home page.  If this date does not match the date(s) found on the "What's New!" page, which describes the change to the web site, this means that your browser is still using the old web page(s) saved to your browser's cache.  To delete these files from your computer's cache, perform the following:

First, try selecting the Refresh icon in the browser's tool bar; or select the View menu, then select Refresh; or just press the F5 key.  If this doesn't work, then perform the following steps for Internet Explorer version 7:

1.  Start MS Internet Explorer.

2.  Press the "Alt" key to bring up the menu.

3.  Select "Tools" then "Internet Options".

4.  Select the "General" tab.

5.  Under the "Browsing history" section, select the "Settings" button.

6.  Make sure that "Every time I start Internet Explorer" is selected, then select the "Ok' button.

7.  On the "General" tab, select the "Delete" button.

8.  In the "Temporary Internet Files" section, select the "Delete Files..." button, then select "Yes".

8.  After the temporary files are deleted, select the "Close" button.

9.  Then close the "Internet Options" window by selecting the "Ok" button.

The Search Function

When conducting a Search, the Search function searches all text files contained within the website, this includes all documents, web pages, and other files containing text.  As a result, there may be files displayed on the Search Results list that are not documents nor web pages, but other miscellaneous files used within the web site.  Please just ignore these files if they are displayed within the Search Results.