River Ridge - Around the Mansion Pt. 1

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River Ridge Farm Mansion Aerial Panorama. 

Photo courtesy of David Nepo


The mansion was built by Ernesto Louis Grandelis (foreman) and his 75 Italian stone masons in only 7 months.  Ernesto was the grandfather of my wife, Suzanne E. (Grandelis) Passauer.


The front walkway of the mansion taken from the end of the right wing.




A close-up of the brick walkway in the front of the mansion.




Looking down the front stairs toward the front gate. 




A flower garden between the two stair cases leading to the mansion's front gate.



The flower garden seen above is now a fountain in 2008.  The view is from the front of the mansion toward the Alleghany River.



A close-up view of the front of the mansion, just below the fountain seen above. 

That is my wife Suzanne Grandelis Passauer in the picture.  She is the granddaughter of Ernesto Grandelis that built the mansion.




One of two stairways leading up to the front porch of the mansion.



The walkway leading from the front of the mansion to the front gate.  The front gate is seen in the distance.




The mansion's front gate.




The mansion's front gate close up.




Inside the front gate.  One of the hand made flower boxes created from a single Pennsylvania brown stone.




The once beautiful view from the front porch toward the Allegheny River is now covered by trees.

 In the 1960's the way to the river was an open field which allowed a clear unobstructed view of the river.



The River Ridge mansion as seen from Reno, PA along route 8 in 2008.  This is the view most familiar to the locals.

In its day, you could see the entire mansion with its open farm fields found below the mansion.


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